Florida Day 3

Day 3 was the day we took our trip to Magic Kingdom, which I imagine is the most popular Disney park. You have to take either a ferry or the monorail from the parking lot to the park. It adds a not insignificant amount of travel time, but it’s neat on the way there at least.

Here’s Emmett and his grandpa again.

Eddie and Uncle Will.

And Evan clinging to his dad.

Here’s Main Street, USA. I’m not sure why this picture looks so dark. I don’t remember it being so dark when it was taken. You can see Cinderella’s castle. Main street also has a ton of shops, all selling touristy Disney stuff.

We started with Tomorrow Land, where we saw a really cute Monsters Inc. show that involved a lot of audience participation. We rode a little train type thing all around, and we encountered a sentient trashcan. I let him try on my hat.

It’s so hard to get a good picture on the teacups, Magic Kingdom’s most popular ride. Partly it’s because we left Will in charge of spinning our teacup, which I think is his true calling. If I looked at my phone for too long, I would end up feeling super woozy. There’s Evan in the corner. We managed to cram Eddie in there with us too. Mom got a picture of us from the outside.

Of course, we rode more than the teacups! We also rode Dumbo, Magic Kingdom’s most popular ride.

Aladdin’s magic carpets are very similar to the Dumbos, but every so often a camel with spit water at someone. We left Eddie in charge of controlling whether our carpet would go up or down. I was excited apparently.

In the afternoon, there’s usually a parade involving tons of Disney characters and some dancers and music. Of course we had Mickey, and some others.

Me and Will and Mom and Dad went on the Haunted Mansion ride while the Olson family went to get ice cream or something like that. We didn’t take any pictures, but it was pretty cool. No wonder it’s Magic Kingdom’s most popular ride. We also went on Pirates of the Caribbean, but we didn’t take any pictures. It was neat. The animatronics are a little creepy. I don’t really understand why the ride is the most popular.

It would be silly to think that we could leave Disney World without going on It’s a Small World After All. Will enjoyed this. He says, “It felt really 50s. I could see why people in the 50s would have liked it.” He took enough pictures of it.

He even took some video, because he liked it so much. I can see why. It’s a Small World After All is, after all, Magic Kingdom’s most popular ride.

This park stays open much later than Animal Kingdom. There’s a big parade at the end of the day and they light up all the lights and Cinderella’s castle. It’s nice. And it is still nice and balmy, even at night.

I was pretty tired and we still had to ride the ferry before we could get to the cars. That took a while. We got McDonald’s and that was it for day three.

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