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The Week in Review

Whew! That’s a lot of updating. This is your handy dandy summary post, so check out everything from the big parents visit! We’ve even included a little blurb on what we did each day. (Don’t tell anyone – that was mainly for us to remember what we had actually done!) Day 01 – Linz Parents […]

Day 08 – Return Home

Monday morning we all got up early and got everything ready to go. We went over to the hotel and had breakfast there. They had a pretty big spread of good food. It made the 16 Euro seem a little more reasonable. After breakfast we grabbed all the parents’ luggage and loaded it into the […]

Day 07 – Linz

Sunday rolled around all too quickly. By this time though, we were just plain bushed. I don’t even need to describe it. This is what we looked like Sunday morning: Since we had run into the fort museum being closed last Monday, we decided that today would be a good day to check it out. […]

Day 06 – Linz

Saturday started off with a trip down to Bauhaus to show off the super shower. We ran through Bauhaus, then hit Interspar to get a wristwatch. Things were going well – but then we ran into a time crunch. See, they give tours of the spire of the new cathedral Saturdays at 2:00PM. It was […]

Day 05 – Vienna

Can you believe we’re already to Friday?! Man, that time has flown by. The first order of business Friday was to get checked out and stow the luggage for the day. Some lockers at the hostel handled that well. We also got on their computers for a little Internet access. Once we had caught up […]

Day 04 – Vienna

Thursday! For our first (and only) full day in Vienna, we decided that seeing the palace was a good idea. We managed to get there after taking the Vienna subway a few stops. The main palace courtyard had an Easter Market, so we took a little time to wander through that. The zoo was going […]

Day 03 – Salzburg

We started day 3 (this is Wednesday now) with the delicious free breakfast at the hostel. Just as a reference, we stayed at Jufa. That’s the hostel name… it’s a hostel in Salzburg… that’s the city name. Anyway, after breakfast we got all checked out and re-stowed our luggage in the luggage room. We headed […]

Day 02 – Salzburg

Tuesday morning we started our real traveling. Well, after we had gotten the parents checked out of their hotel, brought their stuff to our room, and had breakfast at the dorm (since that hotel breakfast was really expensive!). Once we had done all that, we got down to the train station and caught a train […]

Day 01 – Linz

Alright, first post in the epic parents’ visit saga of blogging travelinesses! I briefly recounted the arrival of the parents last Sunday, but a little more needs to be said, and shown! We caught a ride out to the airport with Mona, one of Mary Jo’s students. The Linz airport is a ways out of […]

Teaser Post

This is just a teaser post. I’m in the process of throwing 3GB of pics and videos up on the web for your future enjoyment. Until then, I offer this travel tip: When going to a McDonald’s with pay toilets, use the bathroom before ordering. I say this because we were in the train station […]