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Let’s See Some ID

So, I’ve been meeting up with a conversation partner and I told her about the controversial law in Arizona that says that if a police officer suspects you are an illegal immigrant, he can ask to see your papers.  She thought this was  not unusual at all.  Around here, if a police officer asks for […]

Week Opportunity

This morning I discovered something odd. I remotely connected to my computer back home and noticed that the clock there was 6 hours behind the clock here, not the normal 7 hours. I did some looking, and it turns out that Austria does daylight savings time one week before the US. So, for this week, […]


Waaay back when we first arrived, we noticed a church at the top of a mountain next to Linz. I’m sure one of us has mentioned this, but I can’t seem to find a post about it. Maybe it was in a video… Anyway, it’s been on the list of places to visit ever since. […]


We’ve had a couple of busy days here, so the blogging kind of went to the bottom of the pile! Last Tuesday was a national holiday. It’s literally called “National Holiday”. That’s all the info I have on it. we spent the day being supremely lazy. I’m not sure we even left the room. It […]

Orange Juice Machine

Egg Cup and Spoon


OK, we’ve done a few updates on the blogs: Joint Blog Mini Babybel Rauchkäse Will’s Blog Grey Area McHuh?


Goodness! We’ve tried two new cheeses in as many days! The next cheese is Rauchkäse. Rauchkäse translates to “smoke cheese”. And that’s exactly what it is. The consistency is very strange. It’s kind of got this rubbery porous thing going on. It’s quite odd. The flavor is… well… smoke. That’s the best that I can […]

Mini Babybel

Om nom nom nom. Today’s cheese is the Mini Babybel. I pretty sure this is something you can get at any reasonably large establishment, so maybe you should go get some and try it yourself as you read the review. It’s OK, we’ll wait. Oh, here’s what you’re looking for: *waits* Alright! As you can […]

This Week

So, I’m not very busy at my school right now.  Two of the teachers are out of town this week, and some of them just don’t need me.  One I emailed and never heard back from him.  I’m supposed to be doing something for 13 hours a week.  This week, I will do about 7 […]