Monthly Archives: December 2015

Batman Shorts!

Joni recently learned to make pants. She’s very proud of her new skill. For my birthday she decided to make me Batman shorts! You might be aware that I’ve kind of got a thing for Batman. Joni set in to make the shorts yesterday. Things got off to a rocky start… Turns out that if […]

Christmas 2015

This Christmas we couldn’t make it back to MN (or FL) to see anyone, so we ended up having a lovely little quiet Christmas with just the two of us and the dog. We both took Christmas Eve off work and just hung out at home all day for the most part. We made a […]

Year in Review

I’ve been thinking that we might be getting to the point in our lives where Christmas cards needs to become a thing. It’s still daunting though, so as a transitional step, here’s a Christmas card esque newsletter type thing! Some might also call it a blog post. And it is. It’s just a blog post […]

More Camping Success

No joke, we went camping over Thanksgiving weekend and it was awesome!  Everything is extra good while camping.  Hot drinks are great, all of the food you make is so satisfying, and fire is the best.  We were not cold at all in the tent, even though the lows were below freezing.  We have two […]