Monthly Archives: September 2011


So, there has been about 3 weeks of school now. It’s gone by really fast. It’s alright; there are a few challenges, but that’s to be expected. For the most part, they are pretty motivated and interested in German. The other teachers are great. Everyone is ridiculously nice and helpful. The guy I’m replacing went […]

Garbage Can Super Idea

Sometimes I have REALLY good ideas. This is one of them! You know how garbage bags will puff up in the garbage can? That’s because there’s trapped air in there. By drilling a small hole in the garbage can, you give the air a way to escape. Depending on how large/how many holes you drill, […]

Getting Moved In

Not much to report around here. We’re slowing getting ourselves moved in. We’re still planning to do a tour video, but we kind of want the place to be respectable like. So who knows when that will be! Joni has been doing her teaching thing. It’s gone very well for the most part. She’s getting […]

Regular Ordinary Smoothie Making Time

If you don’t know about Epic Meal Time, and you haven’t seen Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, then this will probably make even less sense.

School Tomorrow

Well, Joni starts school tomorrow. How exciting is that?! I think she’s all set to go. She’s got her stuff planned for the first day and has even started getting Wednesday prepared. Ben came over this weekend for some fun, so I’ll have to sit down and write something about that on my blog. Moving […]