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Birthday in Vegas – Day 3 (Sunday)

Missed Day 1? You’d better go read it: Birthday in Vegas – Day 1 (Friday) Missed Day 2? You’d better go read it: Birthday in Vegas – Day 2 (Saturday) And at last, we come to the final day of the Birthday in Vegas. Once again we hit up the breakfast buffet and ate ourselves […]

Birthday in Vegas – Day 2 (Saturday)

Missed Day 1? You’d better go read it: Birthday in Vegas – Day 1 (Friday) The next morning we got up and headed downstairs to the breakfast buffet. Oh, it was nice. They had made to order eggs, bacon, salad bar, and soft serve ice cream. We pigged out. And we filed the paperwork for […]

Birthday in Vegas – Day 1 (Friday)

Well, it’s been a while, eh? I wish I could say that I’ve been good about keeping up with the blog, but I really haven’t. Case in point: this post! Joni’s birthday was in the middle of February, and we went to Las Vegas with Dennis and Pam (Joni’s parents)! Did I blog about that […]


Well, we went camping… again. Back on the weekend of Oct 21st we packed ourselves up and headed out to the middle of nowhere for a weekend of camping with Jenn and Wouter. We left Friday afternoon and got up to the campground around dark… but there was a problem. We rolled up to the […]

Camping Success!

Wow. It’s been a while, huh? Every since we moved to Seattle and got real adult jobs we’ve become all sorts of boring. But now, finally there is joyous news to report! We have successfully camped. Yes. We got very very close to successfully camping earlier this summer, but there were some issues that prevented […]

Smattering of Stuff

Oh my!  So we have actually been doing a few things lately, but the ironic bit is that doing stuff doesn’t leave time for blogging!  So here I am with a catch-up post of sorts.  This probably won’t have a strong narrative, but at least I have a ton of photos that were sitting on […]

Mt Rainier

We don’t update often… there’s not much we do that’s worth blogging about. Unless you want an update on how much Internetting we did? Anyway, we have pictures again! Last weekend we went down to Julie and Jon’s place, then went over to Mount Rainier National Park. As in, the big mountain we keep talking […]

The Ballard Locks

Last Sunday we decided to make a little exploring. We hopped on the bikes and headed West. The goal was to get alllll the way over to Ballard to see the locks. The problem though was that the bike trail kinda turned into street for a long ways. Not yet being confident enough for streeting […]


Well, it only took 5 million years, but I’ve finally got the videos from the Saltwater State Park weekend ready: Saltwater State Park Riding Around in Seattle Mad Science Hour: Evil Spiral Dogs