Monthly Archives: March 2011

Little Update

We actually got harassed about not updating! Rightly so I would say. Unfortunately, there just hasn’t been much to update you on. Joni has been teaching and I’ve been studying for a certification exam this week. Speaking of this week, the end of the week will be quite interesting. Jenna, a friend from college will […]

Lake Trip

Today we decided to visit the little lake near Linz. We managed to find it with no trouble whatsoever. All we needed to do was take a bus up to a semi-large stop, then get on another bus that brought us right there. Of course as with most lakes, the second we got there we […]


After Sheepie got settled in, things got pretty quiet here. I’m done teaching that business English course, and my German course has ended. Mary Jo is just going along doing her teaching thing. The only real news is that the weather has been beautiful here. It’s been pushing 70 degrees and has just been wonderful. […]

Sheepie Fits In

Well, after the adjustment “issues” we had with the last addition to the family, I’m glad to see that Sheepie is fitting right in.

Mardi Gras

Well, that snuck up on us. I had no idea this was even a thing over here, but apparently people take Mardi Gras pretty seriously in Austria. Mary Jo and I were both swamped with work last night, so we didn’t go out. It was a bit of a bummer, but she had to get […]

Sheepie Joins the Family