Monthly Archives: December 2010

Christmas Day

Because of our late goings on last night, we weren’t exactly early risers this morning. I think I was up at 9 or so and Mary Jo was awake and wandering about at 10:30. We did a little Internet browsing to get ourselves fully awake. Once we had the coherence to actually create full sentences, […]

Christmas Eve

Christmas is a big deal around here. There are big Christmas markets, public concerts and events, and lots of Krampuses… Krampi… whatever. We did our little thing for Christmas too, in lieu of the normal “family stuff”. We started Christmas Eve day with a grand plan for some cookie makings. Mary Jo particularly loves making […]

More Cheeses!

After a little prodding via email from “CheeseMAN” and via YouTube commenting from j90gramz, we’ve finally gotten around to this! Several days ago I briefly mentioned a TA holiday party. Part of the party was a little gift exchange. Mary Jo ended up with a bag of cheese. The bag contained three cheeses that need […]

Department Christmas Party

We just got back from the English department Christmas party at my school.  First, we went down to the cafeteria, where we had a few “frankfurters” with a bun.  I had sauerkraut with mine, but Will didn’t.  Then we went upstairs with all the English teachers to the department office to continue our party.  I […]


First, apologies for the obvious pun. It’s been a bit since we’ve updated, but not much has been going on. Last Friday we had a little Christmas party where be made cookies for/with the teaching assistants. It was a good time. There was even a little gift exchange. What I’m really excited about though is […]

Gretchen in Salzburg

We went to Salzburg on Saturday to meet our good friend Gretchen and her boyfriend. She’s an au pair in Munich right now, so Salzburg is a good midway point. Plus, Salzburg is neat. It’s only about a three hour train ride from Munich to Linz.  It’s a bit strange that Gretchen is so nearby.  […]

Severely Bored

Mary Jo is up late tonight doing lesson planning. I got bored. Really bored. Like, rreeeaallllllyyyy bored. So, instead of doing something productive, I made a video about an Xbox controller pooping. It’s only 8 seconds long, so there’s really no excuse not to watch it. Oh, and if anyone asks, it’s a very clever […]

Power Outage!

We’ve been without power for about the last 4 hours. Fortunately, it’s time for bed, so we’ll just go to sleep! The really odd thing though is that it’s not the whole building and not even the whole floor. The hall light is on. So, that’s weird. Hopefully it’s something easily fixable, because we’re going […]

Vienna (Day 2)

By now you’ve read Vienna (Day 1), right? Well, you better have! We started the morning trying to decide on breakfast. We eventually just went to the store and grabbed a few things to munch on while we walked. Since we had barely scratched the surface of the palace grounds, we headed back over there. […]


Hey, so we went to the Christmas market in the main town square last night (Wednesday).  It was St. Nicholas day on the 6th. Maybe you all already know about St. Nick Day.  My family in Minnesota used to celebrate it.  St. Nicholas would come to the house and leave a bag of goodies at […]