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During the big Linz Offenes Kulturhaus trip, we also hit up the Landesgalerie which is a museum that’s pretty dang close to the dorm. We’ve walked by it many times, but we only recently discovered that we can get in free with our culture cards. Free is too much. That place is just full of […]

Linz Offenes Kulturhaus

Last Thursday (the 26th), we finally decided to head down to the Linz Offenes Kulturhaus (OK) to see what that was all about. We kept seeing these big wood walkways on top of this shopping center, and one of my students told me that you can go up there.  And they incorporate art pieces into […]

Boring Stuff

Mad Science Hour (Lettuce Reanimation)

Despite our mad sciencing, we do find time for other activities. Check the Dual Update post below. And maybe the Randoms before that. But definitely see the Cake Up Date if you haven’t. Do that one before the Dual Update.

Dual Update

So, first thing’s first. You might remember that We Have a Cake Pan video that we did. Mixed responses on people that got it or not. Well, here’s the official full explanation. Short version: it’s a terrible pun. That should be no surprise to you guys by now. HAHAHAHAHA! See? It’s funny? No? OK then. […]


I had my interview yesterday with New Prague.  It went okay but not nearly as well as the interview in Thief River Falls.  I’m not very optimistic; they probably interviewed at least one person who is a better match for their school than me.  I figure I can have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised […]

Cake Up Date

OK, first the new business: Joni has another job interview this afternoon for perhaps two different jobs. The school seems to have posted both a half time and full time position. Maybe they just upgraded the half time to a full time? We don’t know. She’ll find out tonight. Of course when I type “tonight” […]


Well, we’re back from the Czech Republic. Here’s the short version in case you don’t want to read this “much longer than anticipated” post: Prague is a wonderful city: visit if you get the chance. Now for the long version! We left from Linz early Saturday morning. We were up a little before six and […]

Mad Science Hour

I’m still working on the big Prague post, so in the mean time, enjoy the Joni and Will Mad Science Hour.

Botanical Gardens

On Thursday we went over to the botanical gardens in Linz. We got a coupon for free entry as part of our welcome packet, but we missed the window to get over there last fall. Now that it’s spring and everything is in bloom, we decided it was time. When I envisioned the gardens, I […]