Monthly Archives: November 2010


Well, this was an interesting afternoon. We put together a couple of packages destined for family back home. It was just a couple of boxes of candy and whatnot. Just a little “Hi there!” from Austria. Today was the big day where we actually shipped them. We went down to the local Mail Boxes Etc. […]


Sunday was our big Thanksgiving day! We went down to another person’s dorm. We got a little lost on the way down there, but we found it. We were supposed to eat at 4, so we got there at about 3 with our 12 pounds of potatoes. We peeled them (since no one is picky […]


New cheese people! This week’s cheese is Butterkäse. Literally, “butter cheese”. It sounds disgusting, but it’s not! The texture is extremely rubbery, but it’s not chewy. It’s kind of strange. It pulls apart like it’s rubber, but it’s just springy when you eat it. It’s kind of similar to that disgusting smoke cheese we had […]


I had a meeting with a student today and she told me about homeopathy.  Basically, different plant, animal, and mineral essences can treat different ailments.  Not just diseases, but also psychological problems, such as fear of spiders.  So the doctor takes the required essence and adds water.  Then they put it in a certain apparatus […]

More Observations

A couple other things we’ve noticed: there is no such thing as a right turn on red here. Not really important, especially since we don’t drive, but interesting to see. The other thing we’ve been noticing is much more interesting. Kids here are, pardon the pun, not treated with kid gloves. Quite the opposite in […]

Dinner Snow Update

During our normal dinnering in the kitchen, Mary Jo noticed that the snow was starting to accumulate on the soccer field behind the building. It’s just melting off on the streets and sidewalks, but grass and cars appear to be allowing it to stick around. Also, it’s night here now. Sorry for the dark picture. […]

Going Down

Two things to note. First, people use elevators weird here. On more than one occasion we’ve had someone get on the elevator to go up or down one floor. Really? Just… really? I guess it’s just something that’s done here. Or we live with jerks. Either way, it’s weird. Second, and this is the important […]

Cat Food

Here’s a commercial we see on TV a lot. The beginning got a little chopped off. The cat just says “Mmmmm, dinner party.” Any questions about what’s being said can be directed to Mary Jo. 🙂

Christmas Markets

Mary Jo got a tip that there was another Christmas market in the big park down by the train station, so the other night (Tuesday), we went down there. It was a lot of the same stuff as the Christmas market in the main square, but it also had a small “commercial building” like you […]


So, we saw some interesting signs while we were out and about today. The two signs are back to back.  So on one side you’re allowed to hold hands and on the other side you’re not?  No that’s not true; they’re actually just suggestions.  We thought it would be fun to grab a policeman and […]