Monthly Archives: August 2011

Forks and Knives

We’re moved in… somewhat. We got a ton of stuff down here over the weekend and have been working on getting things unpacked. It’s actually gone really well/fast. The only issues we’ve run into is that when we unpacked the silverware we got from the wedding, we ended up with a pack of forks and […]

Super Duper Job Update!

So I had orientation last week. It was kind of a whirlwind of information, but they have this great program in Mankato where they have veteran teachers take time off from their teaching duties to mentor new teachers full time for three years. It’s kind of amazing that they allocate those resources to supporting new […]

Video and Small Update

So, we’re in Mankato for a few days here as Joni does orientation for her job. I’m basically sitting around waiting for a call back on one of the jobs I interviewed for last week. I’m also waiting for a call telling us when we can move into the apartment. We’re hoping to get in […]

Job Stuff

Well, Will had an interview today in Mankato, so it was a good time for me to try to schedule a little bit of technology training at the school. The computer keeper at the school said I needed ten hours of training, so I was prepared to do maybe five hours today and five hours […]

What’s Up?

OK, update time again. Things have been progressing without fail. I have a couple of interviews in Mankato next week, so fingers crossed on those. Joni has been getting some paperwork and information on training for the new job. She’s going down with me at least one day next week to do computer training while […]