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Wallingford Wurst Festival

This weekend was Oktoberfest here in Fremont.  Well, we walked past it; it didn’t look that exciting and the entrance fee was pretty expensive, so we skipped it.  Plus you know, we’re hoping for baby so I’m not getting my drink on anymore. Instead we went to the Wallingford Wurst Festival which was free.  It’s […]


Well, it only took 5 million years, but I’ve finally got the videos from the Saltwater State Park weekend ready: Saltwater State Park Riding Around in Seattle Mad Science Hour: Evil Spiral Dogs

Saltwater State Park

Last weekend we went to a state park south of Seattle near the community college where I had been teaching English.  We left pretty early; I think we left the apartment around 8:00 am.  We stopped along the way to pick up some food for grilling and eating at the park.  Traffic was the best […]

Washington D.C. – Day 5

Okay, last day.  We got up and went to Cafe Bohem.  I guess they have a little restaurant that is open in the evenings and they just opened this little cafe next door that is open in the mornings.  It was their first day and the employees were still learning how to do everything.  But […]

Washington D.C. – Day 4

On day 4, we did a bunch of important stuff.  First we had breakfast.  Crab cakes again, on top of an English muffin, topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce, accompanied by a bloody Mary.  Ben’s other sister Devi (like Davey), her husband Andy, and Andy’s mom brought the stuff for the bloody Marys.  […]

Washington D.C. – Day 3

Day 3 was Saturday.  Will, Ben, and I went to Baltimore to look at a townhouse for some guy Ben and Will knew at NDSU.  We had brunch which was uneventful and we stopped at a game store.  We were looking for Cards Against Humanity, which is like Apples to Apples, but cruder and more […]

Washington D.C. – Day 2

The next day the boys went out to Ben’s office to work on some stuff.  Jaci and I went downtown to do some stuff.  I found a sleep mask at Whole Foods.  Here’s a TMI: My cycles are a bit irregular and I read on that Internet doodad that I can try to get them […]

Washington D.C. – Day 1

Note: Some of the photos are gigantic and stretchy.  We’re fixing it. We went to Washington D.C. last weekend to visit Will’s friend Ben and his wife, Jaci.  We took a flight out of Seattle late in the evening and we got to D.C. in the morning.  It’s three hours later there so the morning […]