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Garbage Can Super Idea

Sometimes I have REALLY good ideas. This is one of them! You know how garbage bags will puff up in the garbage can? That’s because there’s trapped air in there. By drilling a small hole in the garbage can, you give the air a way to escape. Depending on how large/how many holes you drill, […]


This is something I’d normally share on my blog, but I think this is good enough for everyone to hear. Earlier this evening we were talking about ibuprofen and aspirin. I pulled a neck muscle and was hurting a bit. Mary Jo started dropping the technical names like the show off that we all know […]

New Zipline Ad!

If you’ve already seen the teaser ad, then check out our new full length feature ad! It’s sweet. We really bare all! Check back soon for a blooper reel! Also, see Mary Jo’s HUGE post below that I bumped to put this up. 😀

The Zipline Show

We’ve started advertising! Check us out at!

Trip Time

Well, we’re going to Oktoberfest. We had planned a little more traveling than that, but we ran into issues ordering the rail pass. We’re leaving this morning and going to Salzburg. We’ll spend the day looking around there, spend the night, then hop up to Munich for Oktoberfest. We’ll be in Munich part of tomorrow, […]

Monday and Tuesday

The past few days have been spent getting a few key things done and recuperating from the traveling. Monday we hit the city hall and turned in some paperwork. Before we an get my residency permit, we need a bank account in country with money in it, so today we went over to the bank […]

Moving In

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. We slept in, then went to McDonald’s for breakfast, since all the stores are closed on Sunday and we had no food. It’s weird though. It’s the exact same food as in the states. It’s not exactly fine cuisine there, so how did it even make it in to […]

The Saturday

Saturday was a busy day. We didn’t have bed sheets, so we kind of made due. There were pillows and weird blankets. They do things a little different over here. Instead of having a blanket, you get a liner, and some interior insulation. The things the dorm provided us are the insulation bit. We need […]

To Linz

The train ride was pretty nice. I actually cat napped the whole way, but Mary Jo paid attention to the scenery. I did notice this insane looking tower though. It was extra odd because I could have sworn I had seen the same tower in Frankfurt. Oh, we also watched “The Hangover”. It was OK. […]

To Frankfurt

The final leg of the flying was about 2 hours. At this point I wasn’t feeling so great, so I napped some more. It really helped. Here’s what we looked like before my nap: Before I knew it we were sitting on the tarmac in Frankfurt, Germany. We were at the way back of the […]