Monthly Archives: August 2010

Making Comments

If you’d like to comment on our posts, we’d love to hear from you.  Scroll to the bottom and click “Further Information.”  Down on the bottom right, click “Register.”  Enter the name you want to use and your email.  Your password will be emailed to you.  Don’t worry if you can’t remember your password; you […]


I’ve been wondering if it would be weird to take a train past Munich during Oktoberfest without stopping.  Everyone I’ve asked seems to think it would be.  I tend to agree, but I think it will probably be crowded, expensive, and touristy.  I’ve also been wondering if we could find a room for the night.  […]


We got our little financial issue sorted out.  We were both with TCF National.  They don’t do anything with foreign currency and have also been doing some weird things with service charges lately.  So, we moved all our monies into Wells Fargo.  They do foreign currency.  Once that was done, we sent in a new […]

Getting There

Getting ready to go there has been a bit bumpy.  I sent my confirmation letter and fee to the Fulbright Commission almost immediately after I got the news that I had been chosen to go.  Several weeks later, I was informed that the envelope never arrived.  Grrr.  So I sent another letter and check and […]

Mary Jo’s First Post

Hey, Mary Jo here, welcoming you to our blog.  Here we will chronicle our “daily recurring adventures” abroad.  Look for things to get more interesting when we leave for Austria September 8th.


Notice anything new?  Yeah, we did the wedding website into a more… long term design.  Over the coming month as we go to, and live in, Austria, this new site will chronicle the adventure.  Look for the first ever blog post from Mary Jo soon.