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So yeah, baby. That’s a thing. We’ll give you updates as they come, but for now all we really have to say is that momma and baby are both doing well. Joni is enjoying pregnancy, for the most part. I’ve got a few vlog-style videos recorded. I’ll see about editing those and getting them up. […]

Slow Blogger

In perhaps the longest delay between event and blogging, we bring you our Birthday in Vegas series from all the way back in mid-February… Hey, at least we got it out. That counts for something, right? Day 1 – Friday Day 2 – Saturday Day 3 – Sunday

The Greatest Gift is Commitment

I am in awe. Justin has been telling me about these gifts he got for us in Japan for, I think, years now. Guess what showed up just as we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary?! Let’s see what’s in there! Ooooo, this is looking good already. Anytime you see Boba, you know it’s gonna be […]

More Mackelmore

Joni has a crush on Mackelmore.  I’m sure you’ve heard at least one of his songs.  Thrift Shop in particular is pretty popular.  It’s got less than child friend lyrics though, so we’re not embedding it here.  Search YouTube.  You’ll find it. Why are we mentioning it?  Well, the song is filmed at thrift shops […]

Anniversary Cat

In honor of our second anniversary (that’s today!), I present you with the cutest kitten even to grace the Internet: You can thank Imgur/reddit for that.

Boring Stuff

TV Channels

Something kinda weird is that there are TV channels that change during the day. Perhaps an example: yesterday evening we were watching Avatar (the good one) on TV. They were having a big marathon, so we were watching a while… then more today… and probably more tonight. Anyway, Avatar is a Nickelodeon property. So during […]


Something that’s continually surprising to me, no matter how many times it happens, is that the local grocery store run out of stuff. A lot. The most recent incident involved beans. We wanted some red kidney beans for a meal, but they were out. Well, at least we could get our cheap-o OJ. Turn around […]

Simpsons 2

Well, besides the obvious German language thing, it appears that the content in Simpsons episodes differ as well. We’re watching The Boy Who Knew Too Much where Bart sees what really happens to a French waiter. All the regular episode is here, but there’s also a short scene added where Skinner and Willie give Lisa […]


Well, this was an interesting afternoon. We put together a couple of packages destined for family back home. It was just a couple of boxes of candy and whatnot. Just a little “Hi there!” from Austria. Today was the big day where we actually shipped them. We went down to the local Mail Boxes Etc. […]