Monthly Archives: July 2011

Another Update!

That apartment we mentioned in the last post was decent enough, so we applied and got it. Mark one thing off the list. Next up is me finding a job. I had a decent lead, but that fell through in the worst way. The guy just stopped emailing me, even after prodding. So, I’ve been […]


Will and I went down to Mankato today to look at an apartment. We’ve been having a heck of a time finding a two bedroom; probably due to it being a college town and September coming up. Anyway, it’s a great location for us. The high school is walkable for me and Will might do […]

What Have We Been Up To?

Alternatively titled “To What Have We Been Up?” Anyway, we’ve been looking hard for a place to live in Mankato. It turns out that apartments are really, really scare down there. We managed to find one with a less than ideal move in date. We’re going to see it on Thursday. If it’s decent, I’m […]


So, Joni has a job. She had an interview with Mankato yesterday morning. By the afternoon, they had called and offered the job. They called before we even got back to Watkins. I guess we’ll be living in Mankato come the fall! Well, probably come August. We’ll see.

We’ve Been Doing Stuff!

Wow, we’ve been back over a week already! The time has flown by, but we’ve been doing a ton of stuff. Since we can’t post about crazy European stuff anymore, you’ll have to settle for our much more mundane US goings ons. We got back on July 2nd and spent the 3rd just laying and […]

The Home Stretch

The day we came home, we got up early to finalize the packing and clean up the room. Our train to Frankfurt was leaving at 7:50. We had a lot of luggage. I had our two regular sized backpacks, one on my back and one in the front, and I had our smallest rolly bag. […]

Ending in Munich 02

Well, this is a late post. We’re already back in the States… and it’s been a few days, so this might be mostly a product my imagination. We’ll see how it goes. Friday morning was just us time. We Internetted and rested from the big night we had. At around 1PM, we walked up to […]

We’re Home

So, you might know that we’re home. We got back in on Saturday as planned without incident. We’ve got some blogging to do about our last day in Munich and the flights back, but it’s just been a whirlwind around here and we haven’t gotten it done. Hopefully we’ll get to that soon. Either that, […]

Quick Munich Hostel Review

I just wanted to do a quick review on the hostel in Munich. We had originally booked the same hostel we stayed at for Oktoberfest, but we found a place called Hostel Central for 50 Euro cheaper, so we decided to stay there! The room is actually really nice. Foot not included. It’s not perfect […]

Ending in Munich 01

Thursday in Munich we got to meet up with Gretchen for lunch. We ate at this little Italian place up by the university. It was pretty good food for not a ton of money. Unfortunately for us, Gretchen had to work, so we didn’t get much time for lunch. We planned on meeting later though. […]