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A quick update is included, but first, we wanted to tell you about an ad we saw in Linz. There’s a gym called John Harris Fitness. In front of their door, they have a big poster that’s got a naked guy on it. The naked guy looks like the image that the naked scanners at […]


First, let it be known that I am a Google master. OK, let me explain. A while back we were invited over to one of Joni’s teacher’s house because it was the teacher’s birthday. When we arrived she showed us these crazy parking spaces. Each one had two cars in it. There was a lower […]

Winding Down

Since we’re getting very close to the end of our time in Austria, we’ve begun selling things that we’re not taking home and using up the remaining foodstuffs we have. We’re going to be in Linz until Wednesday morning when we will leave to see Gretchen in Munich for a few days. We fly back […]

The Big Trip – Places We Stayed

In the interest of archiving this information in case we ever come back, and also to recommend places, here’s a rundown of where we stayed during The Big Trip. Residenza Santa Croce Santa Croce 555 Venice, Italy Very nice hostel. We got a double room for about the same price as a shared dorm room. […]

The Big Trip Day 17 – Back to Linz

Bllllluuuuuuurrrrrrgggghhhh. That’s what 4:45AM sounds like. We had to get up insanely early to catch a shuttle bus from the hostel to the airport. We basically had two options on getting to the airport: Take normal bus. Leaves at 5:30AM arrives at 6:30AM. The arrival time was perfect for the flight. Take shuttle bus. Leaves […]

The Big Trip Day 16 – Dublin 02

After seeing the countryside, we still needed to check out Dublin itself! We slept in just a hair, grabbed some breakfast, then headed out into the city for some exploring. We had kind of explored O’Connell street the day before, so we decided to head down to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s Ireland and there’s a […]

The Big Trip Day 15 – Dublin 01

Our first “day in Dublin” started at a reasonably early hour. No sleeping in for us! We actually had to get up early because we had a tour planned. We had looked online during the planning stages and found a tour that looked interesting. We had wanted to take it on Tuesday, the second day […]

The Big Trip Day 14 – To Dublin

As you may have noticed, Joni did all the blogging for London. She was feeling a little guilty about not blogging more, but don’t tell her I told you. We had to get up fairly early to catch our plane to Dublin. We managed to get up, get packed, and sneak out without (hopefully) disturbing […]

The Big Trip Day 13 – London

We got up early, had some cereal, and headed for some museums. Specifically, the science museum. Hopefully, it wouldn’t rain much because Will’s umbrella snapped in half. Of course, because it’s London, it did rain. But it’s odd because it will rain heavily for about ten minutes and then it will be sunny and then […]

The Big Trip Day 12 – London

Last night, we got a good night’s sleep despite the snorer. Maybe we just slept through it, but I think that’s unlikely; the snoring was really offensive. I think maybe he just didn’t snore that night, which is really odd. I have a theory: maybe he was so passed out on alcohol or drugs, his […]