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First, let it be known that I am a Google master. OK, let me explain. A while back we were invited over to one of Joni’s teacher’s house because it was the teacher’s birthday. When we arrived she showed us these crazy parking spaces. Each one had two cars in it. There was a lower […]

Winding Down

Since we’re getting very close to the end of our time in Austria, we’ve begun selling things that we’re not taking home and using up the remaining foodstuffs we have. We’re going to be in Linz until Wednesday morning when we will leave to see Gretchen in Munich for a few days. We fly back […]


During the big Linz Offenes Kulturhaus trip, we also hit up the Landesgalerie which is a museum that’s pretty dang close to the dorm. We’ve walked by it many times, but we only recently discovered that we can get in free with our culture cards. Free is too much. That place is just full of […]

Linz Offenes Kulturhaus

Last Thursday (the 26th), we finally decided to head down to the Linz Offenes Kulturhaus (OK) to see what that was all about. We kept seeing these big wood walkways on top of this shopping center, and one of my students told me that you can go up there.  And they incorporate art pieces into […]

Cake Up Date

OK, first the new business: Joni has another job interview this afternoon for perhaps two different jobs. The school seems to have posted both a half time and full time position. Maybe they just upgraded the half time to a full time? We don’t know. She’ll find out tonight. Of course when I type “tonight” […]

Botanical Gardens

On Thursday we went over to the botanical gardens in Linz. We got a coupon for free entry as part of our welcome packet, but we missed the window to get over there last fall. Now that it’s spring and everything is in bloom, we decided it was time. When I envisioned the gardens, I […]

Going to the Movies

Last Tuesday we decided to go to the movies.  Joni had gone to a couple before, but it was my first time.  We decided to see Thor. Most movies are dubbed into German, but some theatres play original version (or OV) with English audio. We found a theatre that had Thor OV on Tuesdays, so […]

Day 08 – Return Home

Monday morning we all got up early and got everything ready to go. We went over to the hotel and had breakfast there. They had a pretty big spread of good food. It made the 16 Euro seem a little more reasonable. After breakfast we grabbed all the parents’ luggage and loaded it into the […]

Day 07 – Linz

Sunday rolled around all too quickly. By this time though, we were just plain bushed. I don’t even need to describe it. This is what we looked like Sunday morning: Since we had run into the fort museum being closed last Monday, we decided that today would be a good day to check it out. […]

Day 06 – Linz

Saturday started off with a trip down to Bauhaus to show off the super shower. We ran through Bauhaus, then hit Interspar to get a wristwatch. Things were going well – but then we ran into a time crunch. See, they give tours of the spire of the new cathedral Saturdays at 2:00PM. It was […]