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Mad Science Hour (Lettuce Reanimation)

Despite our mad sciencing, we do find time for other activities. Check the Dual Update post below. And maybe the Randoms before that. But definitely see the Cake Up Date if you haven’t. Do that one before the Dual Update.

Dual Update

So, first thing’s first. You might remember that We Have a Cake Pan video that we did. Mixed responses on people that got it or not. Well, here’s the official full explanation. Short version: it’s a terrible pun. That should be no surprise to you guys by now. HAHAHAHAHA! See? It’s funny? No? OK then. […]

Mad Science Hour

I’m still working on the big Prague post, so in the mean time, enjoy the Joni and Will Mad Science Hour.

Guest Post by Pam Loch

I was a little leary of getting on a plane my first time and going so far. It all went really well getting there. On the way back we had to thank Joni and Will for the training we did. We walked a lot seeing all the sights. We had to really hustle to get […]

The Week in Review

Whew! That’s a lot of updating. This is your handy dandy summary post, so check out everything from the big parents visit! We’ve even included a little blurb on what we did each day. (Don’t tell anyone – that was mainly for us to remember what we had actually done!) Day 01 – Linz Parents […]


All The Videos

We’re back in Linz now and finally have all the videos uploaded. You can either go back and re-read each post with the videos now added, or just check them out right here. Before we get to that though, I wanted to show you something really freaky: Milka is a chocolate company over here. They […]

Behind the Scenes

So, in case you missed it, we’ve done a few updates in the past day or so! From oldest to newest: Update New Zipline Ad! Goodbye! Shipping Costs I recommend the New Zipline Ad! post. We’re been doing a lot of videos lately, but this last one was our biggest I guess, so we decided […]


OK, we’ve done a few updates on the blogs: Joint Blog Mini Babybel Rauchkäse Will’s Blog Grey Area McHuh?

Blog Issues

I’m sure you’ve noticed the issues we’ve been having with the blog the last 2 days. I’ve got a post up on my blog explaining the situation, for those of you that are interested.