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The Berlin Trip

Hurrah! After days of working on videos and photos, we’ve finally got all the Berlin stuff posted! It’s in reverse chronological order if you read down the page, so here are direct links to the posts. We suggest starting at the top and working down… obviously. 😉 Days 1 and 2 Day 3 Day 4 […]

Berlin (Days 7 and 8)

Day 7 started out the way any good day should: with a trip to KFC. We had a little hankering for home, so we decided to hit the KFC we had noticed earlier in the week. Well, sad news. KFC here is kinda like a chicken oriented McDonald’s. It’s got that same fast food polish […]

Berlin (Day 6)

Day 6 is a sad day. Everyone was up and running at about 7AM, but only because Ben, Jaci, and Mike had to catch a taxi to get to the airport. They were going home. Sadnesses. Mary Jo and I said goodbye to them and then we were alone. We actually went back to bed […]

Berlin (Day 5)

Monday was an important day, mainly because it started out with Ben and I recording our podcast for the week. We decided to go all out with it and add video. We set up four different cameras to record the whole thing. I got the audio edited on the way back from Berlin, but I’m […]

Berlin (Day 4)

Sunday we got a real treat! Mary Jo convinced Marlena to give us a little guidance in our wanderings! We started the day by going back to the place we had cake on Friday, but this time we had some breakfast/brunch. It was super tasty. Once we had been fed, it was time to start […]

Berlin (Day 3)

Yay! Saturday! After Friday’s activities, we were all set for another fun filled day. Saturday was our big museum day. We got up and had some yummy breakfast, then took off for the museum island. Yeah, they have a little island covered with museums. We went down to the subway station and Ben tried to […]

Berlin (Days 1 and 2)

OK, we’re finally sitting down to do this! It’s been a few days and everything’s pretty much ready to go. Photos are up and the videos are done. It’s taking a bit to actually get the videos uploaded, but by the time we get everything typed out, they should be ready! Way back on the […]


Like Will said, we have a ton of pictures and videos from our trip to Berlin.  We’ve been putting off the blogging, so I had better put down a bare bones outline of what we did so that we don’t forget it completely. We got there on Thursday in the evening.  Jaci, Ben, and Mike […]


Just a quick reminder: we’re in Berlin for the next week. We got up at 5 yesterday and took 3 trains up to Berlin, arriving about 4PM. We grabbed some food stuffs and then used the apartment kitchen to cook. Yeah, instead of hotel rooms, we rented an apartment for 5 days. Super cheap! Today […]

All The Videos

We’re back in Linz now and finally have all the videos uploaded. You can either go back and re-read each post with the videos now added, or just check them out right here. Before we get to that though, I wanted to show you something really freaky: Milka is a chocolate company over here. They […]