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Delice de Bourgogne

Whaaa? A cheese review from America? What are they going to do, review Cheddar? *snort* No funny guy, we’re reviewing Delice de Bourgogne, which is a french cheese, but was recommended by my Aunt Trish when we moved out to Seattle. She sent an article about it, but it was also recommended by a friend […]

Cheeses: President – Rulo de Queso de Cabra

When we went to my teacher’s house a few weeks ago, we had this salad with Spanish goat cheese. I don’t normally like goat cheese, but the stuff we had there was pretty good, so we decided to look for some Spanish goat cheese in Salamanca. This cheese is delicious. It comes as a white […]

Grana Padano

Goodness, it’s been a bit since we’ve done a cheese review, hasn’t it? We just haven’t seen any new cheeses in Austria that were worth trying. That changed today in Venice when we were looking for some suppery foods at the grocery store. We came across these weird cheese cubes called Grana Padano (in Bocconconi). […]

Sennerei Zillertal

New cheese time people! Mary Jo decided to get adventurous and got some goat cheese. How very exotic! I’m afraid that I’m not real sure on what to actually call this stuff. The label on the back calls it “Sennerei Zillertal”, which means something like “Ziller Valley Dairy”, so who knows if that’s the name […]

More Cheeses!

After a little prodding via email from “CheeseMAN” and via YouTube commenting from j90gramz, we’ve finally gotten around to this! Several days ago I briefly mentioned a TA holiday party. Part of the party was a little gift exchange. Mary Jo ended up with a bag of cheese. The bag contained three cheeses that need […]


New cheese people! This week’s cheese is Butterkäse. Literally, “butter cheese”. It sounds disgusting, but it’s not! The texture is extremely rubbery, but it’s not chewy. It’s kind of strange. It pulls apart like it’s rubber, but it’s just springy when you eat it. It’s kind of similar to that disgusting smoke cheese we had […]


The cheese of the day is probably called Schnittkäse. It is probably also referred to as Innperle Tomate/Basilikum. It’s another cheese you find the the “specialty” section of the grocery store. As you might have been able to guess from the title, it has tomato and basil mixed in. The cheese itself is a fairly […]


Goodness! We’ve tried two new cheeses in as many days! The next cheese is Rauchkäse. Rauchkäse translates to “smoke cheese”. And that’s exactly what it is. The consistency is very strange. It’s kind of got this rubbery porous thing going on. It’s quite odd. The flavor is… well… smoke. That’s the best that I can […]

Mini Babybel

Om nom nom nom. Today’s cheese is the Mini Babybel. I pretty sure this is something you can get at any reasonably large establishment, so maybe you should go get some and try it yourself as you read the review. It’s OK, we’ll wait. Oh, here’s what you’re looking for: *waits* Alright! As you can […]

Möhren Eko

Today’s cheese is the Möhren Eko. It’s a hard cheese that, unlike most cheeses here, has a slight orange/yellow color to it. This is also the first cheese we’ve encountered where the outer layer is actually not edible. I discovered that quite… accidentally. On to the cheese itself! The outer edges are slightly hard and […]