Monthly Archives: January 2011

Kinder Joy

We mentioned that there are crazy candy-toy eggs here quite a while ago. Well, we recently discovered a different version of that candy-toy egg. This new one just does a 50/50 split instead of embedding the toy inside the egg. I think a video would explain it better:

New Roommate

Way back in December, during that whole “Christmas” thing, Mary Jo got me a wood dinosaur set. It’s several sheets of thin wood with little parts stamped into each. You’re supposed to remove the parts, then assemble it into something cool. They make kits that turn into houses, jeeps, tanks, boats, and even frogs. MJ […]

TV Channels

Something kinda weird is that there are TV channels that change during the day. Perhaps an example: yesterday evening we were watching Avatar (the good one) on TV. They were having a big marathon, so we were watching a while… then more today… and probably more tonight. Anyway, Avatar is a Nickelodeon property. So during […]

Parking Errands

Today we made a little trip to grab some stuff, but we took a new and exciting way! During the walk, we came across a sweet park. It’s a little depressing how awesome the parks are around here. We really want to show them to the nieces and nephews, but there’s that big wet thing […]

Living in Austria

Since moving to Linz, Austria, we’ve learned a few things that we wish we’d known right off the bat. In the interest of having this information “out there” (even though it will probably never be seen by someone who would find it useful), I’ve decided to make a little list of things to know about […]

So yeah…

I went to the Europaschule today (the practice school where my students practice teaching).  I had plans to finish up the lesson from last week, which involved differences and stereotypes about the U.S. and Austria.  The teacher was supposed to email me about what we would do after that, but he never did.  Something possessed […]


I work in a college that educates teachers.  The teachers practice in a school not too far from my house.  Because I don’t quite get enough hours at the college, we decided I could also go to some lessons at the school.  I’ve already taught two lessons there, introducing myself and such.  The kids I […]

Saturday Walk

Saturday we went on a little walk. I’m starting a German course Monday and wanted to see where it is before actually having to go there. On the way down there, we went by a gas station called “Oil tower”, or in German: Turmöl. As usual, click for larger. I had to make the joke […]

Sennerei Zillertal

New cheese time people! Mary Jo decided to get adventurous and got some goat cheese. How very exotic! I’m afraid that I’m not real sure on what to actually call this stuff. The label on the back calls it “Sennerei Zillertal”, which means something like “Ziller Valley Dairy”, so who knows if that’s the name […]


Something that’s continually surprising to me, no matter how many times it happens, is that the local grocery store run out of stuff. A lot. The most recent incident involved beans. We wanted some red kidney beans for a meal, but they were out. Well, at least we could get our cheap-o OJ. Turn around […]