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I got a job.  It’s with Kaplan, which most people know as a company that does SAT and ACT prep classes and materials.  In fact, I had a little book from them for my own SAT prep way back in the day.  Anyway, not only do they do test prep, but they also offer ESL […]


Blog, blog blog!  We got our stuff delivered a while ago.  I think it’s been about two weeks now.  It was quite a bit of stuff.  We were a little worried we wouldn’t find places for it all.  Our apartment now is a lot smaller than our old place in Mankato, but we’ve pretty much […]

Exploring Seattle – Space Needle

The Space Needle was neat.  Yes, we took pictures, mostly because there’s not much else to do up there.  They do have some binoculars on posts and you can buy snacks.  And there are some maps you can manipulate.  One thing that I thought was particularly neat was a thing that showed the area around […]

Exploring Seattle – Seattle Aquarium

Last Sunday, we went to the Space Needle, then to the Aquarium, then to the Space Needle again.  The aquarium wasn’t very exciting.  We didn’t take any pictures there either.  Part of the reason I think was that it was very busy and Will doesn’t like crowded areas, so we just didn’t feel like stopping […]

Exploring Seattle – Woodland Park Zoo

Last Saturday we went to Woodland Park Zoo.  Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures there, which is kind of unusual for us.  I’m not sure why we didn’t take any pictures.  I’m consoling myself with the thought that most of our dear readers have been to a zoo, so they don’t need pictures of one.  […]

Exploring Seattle – Experience Music Project

The day after our trip to the Pacific Science Center and harbor cruise, we headed to the Experience Music Project or EMP.  The building itself is interesting; Forbes magazine considers it one of the 10 ugliest buildings.  We didn’t get a picture of the outside, but Wikipedia has one. They have a lot of music […]

Exploring Seattle – Pacific Science Center and Harbor Cruise

We did some touristy stuff around here last weekend.  We have CityPasses that let us do all the cool stuff for a discount, but we have to do it all within nine days.  First, we went to the Pacific Science Center, which is a bit like the Science Museum in St. Paul.  We saw an […]

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July must be blogged!  For some reason, I thought we had already blogged about this, so it’s going up pretty late.  Anyway, so our plan was to go to Gasworks Park for the Fremont Family Fourth of July.  There was supposed to be live music and food and such, and it was […]

Life Update

Wow, it’s been a while. It’s been a looooong while. So what’s been happening with us? Well, back in the middle of June Joni moved out to Seattle with me. Since then we’ve been exploring the neighborhood we live in. We’ve been eating out at some of the restaurants around here and seeing the weird […]