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Final Installment

Next was getting under the Ballard Bridge. Someone had measured and determined that we should have a 6″ clearance if we did not go too fast and the water was not higher than usual. Eldon recorded the experience with his cell phone just in case we would need visual evidence for insurance purposes. That white […]

The Harbor Cruise

They were taking all the salmon from the filleting contest over to a tent to be cooked for the annual Fisherman’s Festival Salmon Feed. We decided to go over there for a late dinner/early supper and I did not mind one bit missing the upcoming Oyster Slurp Contest. The kids got in the long line […]

And Then There is My Brother, Pat!

Saturday morning with the sun barely up, I was awaken by my cell phone ringing. I struggled out of bed, found the phone and said hello. A cheery voice greeted me with, “Mary! It’s Pat!” I asked what time it was and I could tell Pat was taken aback. “What time is it?………What?………ARE YOU IN […]


Why the delay in our trip summary? Will was in Washington DC for a long weekend. He presented a thing on data security at PyData DC. At some time, we’ll be able to see his talk on YouTube. Oh no. I’m not at all interesting in securing my data, but I want to see if […]

Still at Parents Day

We started down the street toward the Doppler Building. [DOPPLER= first codename for Amazon’s Echo thing] We saw various other Amazon buildings with beautiful courtyards between them. We saw the construction of Amazon’s Spheres which will open in 2018. The Spheres (big white round buildings) will have plants from around the world and everything will […]

Another Wonderful Trip to Seattle

Eldon and I have just gotten home from a short trip to visit the kids in Seattle. The purpose of the trip was to participate in the very first Bring Your Parents to Work Day at Amazon. When Will mentioned the event, I thought it was a hilarious idea. I had visions of all the […]

More Camping Success

No joke, we went camping over Thanksgiving weekend and it was awesome!  Everything is extra good while camping.  Hot drinks are great, all of the food you make is so satisfying, and fire is the best.  We were not cold at all in the tent, even though the lows were below freezing.  We have two […]

Accidental Rave

Two weekends ago we accidentally attended a rave. I know, it doesn’t seem like that’s the kind of thing one could accidentally end up at. But, we did. We managed to do it. The story begins several weeks ago when we got a flier of current events from our realtor… One of the events happening […]

Smattering of Stuff

Oh my!  So we have actually been doing a few things lately, but the ironic bit is that doing stuff doesn’t leave time for blogging!  So here I am with a catch-up post of sorts.  This probably won’t have a strong narrative, but at least I have a ton of photos that were sitting on […]

Special Guest Post – Kari Visits Seattle

Editor’s note: More visitors! This guest blog is by Kari who visited a little over a week ago. We love guest blogging. The blog gets content without us doing a thing! 😀  Oh, and it means people visited, which is nice too. Well, Will’s mom is a tough act to follow, but I’ll give it […]