Florida Day 4 – Part 1

Day 4 was our big trip to the ocean and for Will, Dad, and me it was our trip to Kennedy Space Center. The ocean was really cool. I had never actually seen the open Atlantic or Pacific for myself. I’ve been to seas, like the North Sea in Germany, the Adriatic, and the Gulf of Mexico. We have Puget sound in Seattle, but Seattle’s actually about 100 miles away from the open Pacific Ocean. I think for my mom, this was the first time seeing saltwater. The sand was very fine and the waves were big and noisy. In the water we saw jelly fish and sea turtles. I get excited about seeing animals in the wild. There were a lot of birds on the beach, so you had to watch out that you didn’t step in bird poop. We rolled up our pants and the boys played in the water and in the sand and we found some seashells. Mom found a little toy boat. There was also a submarine in the harbor, which was really cool. I’m surprised I don’t have any pictures of it. Will tells me there’s a video somewhere.

(Will here – this is the video Joni is talking about:)

Mom took nice pictures.

When asked if he wants to say anything about the ocean, Will says, “No, I guess not.” This was the end of touring today for Kari, Jesse, boys, and Mom. Will, Dad, and I were about to make our way to Kennedy Space Center.

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