Florida Day 5

Sea World! We saw baby dolphins, and stingrays, and seals, and a walrus, and manatees, and whales, and fish, and sharks, and sea turtles, and flamingos, and an otter.

I liked Sea World a lot. It wasn’t as crowded as Disney, so we didn’t really have to wait in line for rides and events. The shows were neat. We saw an orca show and a sea lion show. The orca show was just the whales doing flips and splashing the audience.

The sea lion show was really cute. It was like a little play involving pirates and the sea lions were their buddies. Think Scooby Doo, but they can’t talk. And there was a walrus and an otter involved.

Yes, those are Christmas trees you see on the stage. Sea World and Disney were already decorated for the holidays. The also had a ton of Christmas stuff in their stores. It makes sense I guess.

We really didn’t take very many pictures at Sea World. I kinda think I was more interested in looking at stuff with my own eyes rather than through a lens and a screen. The manatees were awesome and huge! Every so often he’d poke his big old nose out of the water to take a breath and he’d kind of spray water a little. There was a pool where the dolphins almost came close enough to touch. We saw the end of a feeding time. If you were feeding them, they would get close enough for you to give them a brief pat.

The rays all got close enough to touch because they are idiots. They don’t know who’s got food and who doesn’t. We did. Luckily, they don’t have teeth.

One of the coolest things was the tunnel with the giant stingray and the sharks. When asked what he thought about Sea World, Will says, “Sea World was kinda meh for me.” And I ask him, “Are you out of your mind?”

When we were done taunting all the sea creatures, we went to Perkins and to a Disney outlet store that really had a lot of junk. After that we went back to the house and tried to pack up. We also had to deal with some mortgage stuff, so we got that taken care of and went to bed in anticipation of our big travel day.

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