Washington trip to Joni and Will’s

Editor’s note: Mom and Dad came to visit us over Memorial Day weekend.  Yay!  Here’s a guest post from Mom.
Ok, I know it’s been a long time coming so I will do my best to tell you all about our trip.
Well, all I can remember at any rate.We stayed over night in the Cities at a “stay and fly” hotel, as we had an early flight.  Our van driver was quite a talker for so early in the morning.
When we arrived in Seattle we hopped on the train to West Lake Station.  Will met us there and we walked to his office to stow our luggage and what not. He has a nice place to work. Complete with a cereal breakfast bar. Joni  needed to work until 6:00  so the 3 of us went to lunch and toured a little.  We went the Columbia Center.  This building was really tall  (73 stories) and
we went up 40 floors and got on a different elevator to go up the rest of the way.  I don’t recall ever being in a building that tall. Dennis was standing on one foot and he said he could feel the building moving. The view was gorgeous.  Fortunately  the sky was near perfect and permitted us to see Mount Rainier.  We went to Pikes Peak Market for a short
time and then to the condo to wait for Joni.  ( and meet Beauty)

          Beauty is a well behaved and very smart dog. We enjoyed watching her do tricks. Joni does a good job training her.
I don’t really remember the time line on these events but we went to the locks one day and I managed to get a picture of a sea lion. I thought that was pretty cool.  There was a pretty cool little café there which I would highly recommend.
         We went to the Space Needle for a meal on Fri. or Sat.  Joni made a reservation for us at 2:00 so it was nice not to have to wait too long.   Really good food and I enjoyed all the notes that came around on the windows.   The “Lunar Landing” dessert was pretty cool. Not so much for the actual dessert, but when we all had one it looked neat.
         We went for a ride in this huge ferris wheel.   They had an option where you could get a car that had a glass floor.   We did not get this and Will stayed on the ground.  Emoji
          Dennis and I enjoyed a sea plane tour of Seattle.  The pilot pointed out where Bill Gates’ “compound” was.  Couldn’t really see much but white awnings.  I really enjoyed the little floating houses on the docks.  I think they are so cute.
          We went to a Flight Museum  and got to see an Air Force 1 jet.   Dennis enjoyed a flight simulator while there.
          I didn’t get a picture of one but everyone knows what a smart car looks like.  They have these parked around town and if you are signed up for the program you have access to these cars. Not sure, but I guess you just get in the car and sign in. Then drive where you want and when you’re done using the
car you sign out and leave it where ever for the next person.
          When we had to go home, Will got on his phone and summoned a car for us using “Uber.” That experience was awesome.
           Our visit to Seattle was wonderful.   Our visit to see the kids was absolutely awesome. Joni and Will are terrific hosts and we really enjoyed spending time with them.

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  • Eltern V. wrote:

    What a fun trip! That train works so well for getting into town, as long as you don’t have a bunch of suitcases. And we are not surprised that “Will stayed on the ground” -nothing has changed there.

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