Final Installment

Next was getting under the Ballard Bridge. Someone had measured and determined that we should have a 6″ clearance if we did not go too fast and the water was not higher than usual. Eldon recorded the experience with his cell phone just in case we would need visual evidence for insurance purposes. That white antenna is the top of our boat. It is a little hard to see, but trust me. You would not have wanted to be there!

So here we go.

Bridge clearance

I did not see how we were going to make this!

Barely clearing

Baaaarely clearing

OK. So we made it…………….this time.

We moved along through the Fremont Cut; Joni and Will’s old stompin’ grounds. I think we could see their old apartment from the boat. The guide talked about the Fremont Troll and we saw the Fremont bridge raise up. Well, I think it had to, to let us through.

Raised bridge

We sailed along under the killer Aurora Ave Highway bridge and on into Lake Union. We had taken a duck boat ride around Lake Union so had seen some of that stuff before. Something new was that ships from the TV show, Deadliest Catch, were moored there in Lake Union for the summer. The guide said they would be leaving soon for Alaska to catch crabs and film the new season of shows. I almost wished I had watched that show so I would recognize some of the names as we passed by them. I did not see anyone who looked like a TV star on the decks. The ships were bigger than the fishing boat we toured at the Festival but still not big enough to COMFORTABLY transport a bunch of fishermen all the way to Alaska and back.

We, the passengers, almost sank the cruise boat ourselves when we saw the seaplanes landing and taking off very near us.


We were so excited to see the planes that we all ran to one side (the same side) of the boat. I swear the boat was leaning to that side!

Another seaplane

The tour guide said that it was clear to all concerned that the boats have the right-of-way and the planes had to land/take off around the boats. I was not convinced that those pilots could accurately judge the distance they would need before running into a (our?) boat. In the end, no plane ran into us but the guide stopped talking and trying to tell us anything further because the whole crowd was taking pictures of the planes and just not listening. Our tour ended at the Lake Union Park. We really enjoyed the harbor tour.

We got on a bus heading toward home. We stopped in Fremont (I think it was Fremont) and had juicy burgers, fries, and onion rings. When we got home, Will had to complete another cooking project.

Will had promised to bring his co-workers some donuts on Monday. He had mixed up the dough on Saturday so, when we got home from the cruise, he rolled the dough out and fried the donuts. Interesting what you can learn from your kids. Will laid out two DVD cases and put the donut dough between them. He rolled the rolling pin ends along the cases and that made the dough in the middle exactly the same thickness all the way across. I just eyeball the thickness………usually without a great deal of accuracy.

These donuts were like some from Dunkin’ Donuts; Old Fashioned Sour Cream Donuts. I think he put some wheat flour in them along with sour cream. In honor of the Seattle Seahawks, he put blue/green/white icing on them. Sorry, we did not take a picture of them but we found room in our stomachs to eat one. And I got the recipe.

Now I can’t really explain this last picture. Eldon took it. I can only conclude that it was one of those times all wives have experienced. Those times when we have to take the husband into the privacy of the kitchen and very quietly but firmly say, “Stop doing what you are doing!” or “Stop talking like that!” or “You go back in there and behave yourself!” It looks like something like that may have been going on.

Will and Joni

So the last day of our Seattle Trip ended and it was time for bed. We needed to get on the road to the airport at 6:30am. I told Will that he had to set my cell phone for 5:45am (I don’t know how to do that) or I would just have my brother, Pat, give me a call at that hour; either way would get me awake.

Monday morning Will made our coffee and toast. We said good bye to the kids, got in the Uber car, and we were off to the airport for the trip back to MN. Thanks very much, Kids, for another wonderful visit in Seattle!

I’m sorry:
1. if I inadvertently offended anyone.
2. if I inadvertently or, at the time, on purpose embarrassed Will at his workplace.
3. inferred that my brother, Pat, is a human alarm clock.
4. that I don’t have an editor and I don’t know how to operate a spell check on this program.
5. that I did not take more pictures.
6. if I got some events all mixed up, on the wrong day, and maybe a little embellished.
7. that my trip to Seattle was over all too soon!

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