Möhren Eko

Today’s cheese is the Möhren Eko.


It’s a hard cheese that, unlike most cheeses here, has a slight orange/yellow color to it. This is also the first cheese we’ve encountered where the outer layer is actually not edible. I discovered that quite… accidentally.

On to the cheese itself! The outer edges are slightly hard and crumbly, but the middle is very soft. Not as soft as some of the cheeses we’ve covered though. It’s firm, but is springy to the touch. This makes the center almost a different cheese in terms of texture. The taste is very very slightly sweet. It’s kind of like a super toned down cheddar. It’s rather nice actually. Unfortunately, this was a more expensive cheese at 15.90 Euro per Kilogram. This small block alone was 3.75. Given the high cost, we probably won’t buy again, not with the dirt cheap tasty cheeses we’ve found.


  • We got it at an organic market. We also found baking soda there!

  • Varrioon wrote:

    Yay, baking soda!

  • Eltern V. wrote:

    Is it covered with that waxy stuff? No, don’t eat that! I suppose organic stuff is more expensive than regular stuff? It is here. Also, if baking soda is so hard to find, what do they use to make cookies rise?

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