Mini Babybel

Om nom nom nom. Today’s cheese is the Mini Babybel. I pretty sure this is something you can get at any reasonably large establishment, so maybe you should go get some and try it yourself as you read the review. It’s OK, we’ll wait. Oh, here’s what you’re looking for:

Mini Babybel


Alright! As you can see, these are just little cheeses. Each one comes wrapped in plastic and has a wax surround.

Wax Surround

Once you get the plastic off and remove the wax, you can get to the delicious, delicious cheese. It’s really quite tasty. It’s a semi-soft cheese with one of the more sharp flavors we’ve encountered so far. It very much reminds of me cheddar. The only downside is portion size. These are great snacking cheeses, but there’s a lot of waste with the packaging. Plastic, then wax? I think they could have gotten away with one or the other. Oh well, it doesn’t distract from the tastiness.

Tasty Cheese

And as a special treat, bonus images of fall rolling in!


Fall 2

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