The cheese of the day is probably called Schnittkäse. It is probably also referred to as Innperle Tomate/Basilikum. It’s another cheese you find the the “specialty” section of the grocery store. As you might have been able to guess from the title, it has tomato and basil mixed in.


The cheese itself is a fairly mellow soft-ish cheese. It’s not nearly as soft as some of the cheeses we’ve had, but it’s not a hard cheese. It tears more than crumbles. It’s also on the cheaper end of the specialty cheeses at 11.90 Euro per kg. As for the whole taste thing, it actually has a rather strong flavor of herbs. There’s basil in it, but there’s also oregano, rosemary, thyme, and a couple others. This gives it a predominantly herby taste. Combined with the natural tastiness of the cheese, it all adds up to a rather yummy experience. It’s on the high end of the cheeses we’ve had so far, plus it has the added benefit of making you think you’re getting some vegetable!

Final decision: good cheese. Buy it if you can find it. Mary Jo thinks its yummy too:


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