After Sheepie got settled in, things got pretty quiet here. I’m done teaching that business English course, and my German course has ended. Mary Jo is just going along doing her teaching thing. The only real news is that the weather has been beautiful here. It’s been pushing 70 degrees and has just been wonderful. I’ve been walking around without a jacket and loving every minute of it.

This weekend we might do some exploring and try to find a lake that’s supposed to be around the city somewhere. We’re thinking we’ll do a picnic there. Since we’re not really sure where it is or how to get there, it could be one of those adventure weekends!


  • Varrioon wrote:

    It has been warm here too. 40-50 degress

  • pameloch wrote:

    So happy to hear the weather is nice there. I really hope it will be nice in April for Easter. It has been kinda nice here. Now for all the mud to GO AWAY.

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