Little Update

We actually got harassed about not updating! Rightly so I would say. Unfortunately, there just hasn’t been much to update you on. Joni has been teaching and I’ve been studying for a certification exam this week.

Speaking of this week, the end of the week will be quite interesting. Jenna, a friend from college will actually be in Vienna of all places. She’s visiting England, then since she was so close, she’s visiting another friend in Vienna. Since we’re so close to that, we’re going to hop over and see Jenna. The problem with that is that this week is very busy. Joni has a full schedule Friday, and that’s the date of my certification exam. So the plan is to do all our stuff Friday, then Friday evening catch a train to Vienna, see Jenna Friday night, stay over, see her off on Saturday morning, then run back to Linz before Mary Jo’s afternoon class!

Although we don’t have much to update right now, we should have a pretty good post Saturday some time! I did have a little brush with fame that you can read about on my blog, if you’re really bored.


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