Cheeses: President – Rulo de Queso de Cabra

When we went to my teacher’s house a few weeks ago, we had this salad with Spanish goat cheese. I don’t normally like goat cheese, but the stuff we had there was pretty good, so we decided to look for some Spanish goat cheese in Salamanca.

This cheese is delicious. It comes as a white log and it’s got one of those weird fuzzy white mold coverings. I think you can eat the mold, but we don’t really like it, so we cut it off.  It’s also white inside.

The cheese is really tasty. When I had the first bite, it definitely had the goat cheese taste, which cannot really be described. You have to have had goat cheese to know what I’m talking about. I don’t really like goat cheese taste, but as I kept eating it, the goat cheese taste kind of faded and the cheese seemed to get better and better.

It’s really crumbly but when you put it in your mouth it gets nice and creamy. I think the crumbliness of it would make it great for salads.

I asked Will if he had anything to say about the goat cheese: creamy crumbly.

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