Delice de Bourgogne

Whaaa? A cheese review from America? What are they going to do, review Cheddar? *snort*

No funny guy, we’re reviewing Delice de Bourgogne, which is a french cheese, but was recommended by my Aunt Trish when we moved out to Seattle. She sent an article about it, but it was also recommended by a friend of hers. (I bet you thought I forgot, didn’t you Aunt Trish?) We just got around to buying some and giving it a whirl.



There are two things about the Delice that stand out: a single taste note and the texture. Let’s start with the texture. If you didn’t read the article, it explains that this is a very fatty cheese and almost has the consistency of whipped butter. That’s pretty much spot on. This cheese has the texture of smooth butter. It’s almost creepy, but it is still very nice.

The taste on the other hand is a little flat in my opinion. There’s really only a single taste here, and to me it tastes like the base of blue cheese without the acidy uptick at the end. So it kinda tastes like mold. While not unpleasant, it’s a little bland. We tried the cheese with Triscuits, and that greatly improved the flavor. I think that there’s probably some additional food you could pair this with that would make it awesome, but Triscuits aren’t it.

At a whopping $12/pound, it’s not cheap cheese. It’s probably worth trying once, but unless we can crack the code of perfect pairing food, it’s not something we would get again.

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