The End of Summer

Whoa! It’s a post by Will? How did this happen?

Moving on.

Summer has finally ended in Seattle. Since May we’ve had basically 72-75 sunny days every single day of summer. It’s been kinda insane. That has now come to an end though; the rain has returned. Today marks the first really rainy day. We did see some Sun for a while, but it’s been pretty rainy too. From here on out we’ll get more and more rain and less and less Sun. *sigh*

That’s how it is in Seattle though: great summer, 6 months of rain and sadness. Well, not “sadness”, but droopiness? I can’t think of a good word. Whatever feeling you get when you don’t see the Sun for a long time… that feeling.

So for those of you that are concerned about us loving Seattle just a liiiiittle too much, your time to strike will be in three months in the depths of winter when the sun has set by 4PM. Prepare!

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