The Greatest Gift is Commitment

I am in awe. Justin has been telling me about these gifts he got for us in Japan for, I think, years now. Guess what showed up just as we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary?!


Let’s see what’s in there! Ooooo, this is looking good already.

Star Wars

Anytime you see Boba, you know it’s gonna be good. And indeed it is!

Star Wars Stickers

They’re cute little vinyl stickers! Imma have to stick them on things.

Boy, what else is in here?

Star Wars jelly beans

Oooo, Star Wars jelly beans! Neato. (I was hoping they’d be Star Wars themed flavors like “Womp Rat” or “Blue Milk”, but they’d just normal flavors… which is for the best.)

OK… what’s this now?


No, seriously, what is this thing?

Little Prick

Oh, it’s two little sheep that you sew up? That’s cute. I hope I’m understanding it right. It could be potholder for all I know.

We’re not done yet!

3D puzzle

I have never (and will never) say no to a model. I look forward to putting this together!

Alright, I think there’s just one thing left. Let’s see here…


Well, it’s big. Not sure what it is though.

Warming up

Wait, is that what I think it is?


Yeah, I think it is what I think it is!

Too Much Excitement

Jelly bean Death Star!

Much Too Much Excitement

Jelly bean Death Star!

we're done

Jelly bean Death Star!

Yeah, it’s a jelly bean Death Star. It’s pretty sweet. We of course had to open it up and play with it immediately (right before dinner no less!)

This is all very cool. Thank you very much Justin, Katrina, Vian, and Thorin! I’m also crazy impressed that you’ve managed to keep track of so much stuff for so long! I would have eaten the jelly beans in a week and lost everything else in two!

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