Sennerei Zillertal

New cheese time people! Mary Jo decided to get adventurous and got some goat cheese. How very exotic!


I’m afraid that I’m not real sure on what to actually call this stuff. The label on the back calls it “Sennerei Zillertal”, which means something like “Ziller Valley Dairy”, so who knows if that’s the name of the cheese or what.

Back of Cheese

As for the cheese itself, it’s an odd one. It’s a solid soft cheese, meaning that it’s soft, but not gooey. It holds its shape well, yet cuts easily. Taste is a little weird. Mary Jo says that it tastes like goat cheese… whatever that means. I’ve only had goat cheese one other time, and that was melted on a steak. It starts out a hair sharp, then gets pretty sweet. It’s kind of nice actually. I’d say that taste is quite good… but, there’s something odd with it. It kind of has a dry taste, as in it makes me feel like my mouth is dry. I can’t really explain it.

Mary Jo has vetoed purchasing the cheese again. I would probably have to agree. It’s interesting, but not a great eating cheese. Something tells me that if it were used in a dish, it would be very good. So, maybe we’ll use it again as part of something else.

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