All The Videos

We’re back in Linz now and finally have all the videos uploaded. You can either go back and re-read each post with the videos now added, or just check them out right here.

Before we get to that though, I wanted to show you something really freaky:


Milka is a chocolate company over here. They have this cow as their mascot. The grocery store in Saalbach, for some reason, had this full size replica. It was all furry and weird. Mary Jo did not approve.

Not approved

It’s doubly creepy how happy it looks. One other thing. On the way back from Saalbach today, we went through a little town that had a castle on one of the nearby hills. We didn’t notice it when we came through that same town heading to Saalbach. Mary Jo didn’t notice it when she went to, or came back from, training in that same part of Austria. Only logical conclusion: they built a castle there while we were in Saalbach.


OK, I’m done harassing you. Here are the videos:


  • Few Comments
    -I like it!
    -Mary Jo skiing reminded me of an old microsoft ski game. I ended up occasionally checking the sides for a abominable snowman.
    -You should totally compile all of the footage from this trip into like a 30 minute video or something and then gather us all together for a viewing! I can bring some tea?

  • So awesome! I bet you guys had a lot of fun. Well, other than having to deal with the ski boots. They do kind of suck.

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