We had our little family Christmas on Friday. We made ourselves a bit of a German meal, watched a movie, and admired our tree.


A tiny tree for a tiny apartment. 😀

After our movie and supper, we opened gifts. We each had a budget and the other person could request something. Joni wanted a dress, so she ordered that herself. I used the rest of the budge to try to surprise her, but she was too clever. She knew what she was getting. Clever girl.

Anyway, since we headed up to Dennis and Pam’s on Saturday morning, we didn’t get a chance to really play with stuff, so we just set it all up around the tree to look cute.

Cute Tree Stuff

Today we’re going to be hanging out with Joni’s side. Then tomorrow sheer craziness might ensue, but we haven’t decided anything. Oh! And if you want to see our Christmas gift to you, pop over to my blog


  • Eltern V. wrote:

    do you turn the Christmas stockings over on Christmas morning or what’s that all about? Is that your new tradition to signify BC and AC?

  • How the devil did you even notice that?! We live here and we didn’t notice that.

  • that is soooo funny! I just now decided to check the comments. I hadn’t noticed the stockings were turned. Way to be observant Mary!

  • Yes, just like when you move your tassel to the other side of your mortarboard when you walk across the stage at graduation.

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