The Condo

Well, we did it. We bought a condo. For those of you that we don’t actually… “talk” to, this might be a bit of a surprise.

We bought it in late November, did the big move on December 14th, and have been living here since then. We did a little video right when we got the place, but then it just sat on my laptop for a month and a half. Since then we’ve gotten most of our junk put away, bought some furniture, and did a little decorating. We’re finally at the point where it looks like a real place, so this past weekend I did another video and crammed it all into one really long, repetitive thing. It’s OK though, because it’s really interesting.

OK, that’s a lie. The most interesting thing is that apparently I decided to wear the same shirt for the first and last videos. That wasn’t planned.

Anywho, now we get back to our normal work lives and can’t keep avoiding stuff because we’re too busy moving in. That is, of course, until we decide some weekend to go to the pound down the street and come back with a dog. Oh, that’s exactly how it’s going to happen. Guarantee it.

Anywhotwo, onto the video!

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