Year in Review

I’ve been thinking that we might be getting to the point in our lives where Christmas cards needs to become a thing. It’s still daunting though, so as a transitional step, here’s a Christmas card esque newsletter type thing! Some might also call it a blog post. And it is. It’s just a blog post that looks back at 2015.

2015 was kind of a slow year for us. We didn’t have any big life changing events. Joni started doing more administrative tasks at work and moved into a half-management/half-teaching role. I got a promotion early in the year and recently changed teams (moved to the other side of a wall – not a big move). Beauty continued to be a cute dog and get all the treats she wants. Oh, I did turn 30. That’s a thing.

Perhaps our biggest accomplishment was going camping several times. Camping wouldn’t normally be considered a big success, but considering past camping trips have resulted in tornadoes, just going into the wilderness and not having something explode seems like a step in the right direction. 2016 will include more camping and outdoorsy stuff.

Joni might not feel as strongly about this as I do, but I consider discovering Alton Brown and Good Eats to be a relatively important thing. Good Eats is a cooking show that goes into the science behind things. We’ve always wanted to be more involved with cooking, and Alton Brown finally kicked us into actually learning new things. Our standard menu has expanded and we’ve tried new culinary things thanks to Mr. Brown. I think I like mushrooms now. Never thought I’d see the day.

So 2015 was quiet, but that’s OK. Better to have a quiet year than a bad one. Looking forward, 2016 is shaping up to be much more exciting. I’m going to India for two weeks right at the start of January. We’re going down to Portland to meet up with Ben and Jaci and go to PyCon in May, and there are plans brewing for a get together with old friends sometime next summer. We’ll see what else 2016 has to offer!

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