So yeah, baby. That’s a thing.

Baby Sproot

We’ll give you updates as they come, but for now all we really have to say is that momma and baby are both doing well. Joni is enjoying pregnancy, for the most part. I’ve got a few vlog-style videos recorded. I’ll see about editing those and getting them up.

Oh, and new feature! If you want to get email updates when we post new stuff, there’s now a subscribe box waaaay down at the bottom of the page under that “↓ Further Information” link.


  • Eltern V. wrote:

    That is definitely a girl baby. I’m sure of it!…………I think.

  • kromeoc wrote:

    Email updates! Yes, I could use those. Congrats again! I’m excited for you two.

  • pameloch wrote:

    thanks for the e-mail updates
    I wouldn’t want to get behind on any baby updates.

  • Varrioon wrote:

    Eee, I don’t know if I expressed this well enough but I am so excited and happy for you guys. I just want to give both of you big hugs! I will be careful not to squeeze Joni too tight. Baby will come when the baby is ready. 😉

    Btw, thanks for the info on the subscribe thingy. Totally signed up!

  • Thanks! 😀

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