More Cheeses!

After a little prodding via email from “CheeseMAN” and via YouTube commenting from j90gramz, we’ve finally gotten around to this!

Several days ago I briefly mentioned a TA holiday party. Part of the party was a little gift exchange. Mary Jo ended up with a bag of cheese. The bag contained three cheeses that need some review-ins’!

The first cheese was our old friend Bergkäse. Fortunately, we’ve already reviewed this (it was our first in fact), so that doesn’t need re-hashing. It’s still tasty.

The second cheese is blue cheese. We kind of got rid of the labeling pretty much immediately, so I don’t know anything about it beyond that it’s blue. 🙁

Blue cheese

Taste wise this thing is a mystery. It can’t seem to decide on a taste. One part of it is nice normal yummy blue cheese. Another part of it tastes like mildew. Another part is somewhere in between. It’s the oddest thing. I really like blue cheese. Mary Jo isn’t as big a fan. With this brick though, she’s the fan and I’m kind of indifferent. So I don’t know what to tell you.

Other Cheese

The third cheese is Le Gruyére SwitzerLand. The most defining characteristic of this cheese is that it’s super hard. It’s not difficult to chew or anything, but it almost has a satisfying “snap” to it when you bite in. It’s actual quite pleasant in a strange way…

The taste is a different matter. It doesn’t taste bad by any stretch of the imagination; to be honest, it doesn’t really taste like anything at all. It’s not even remotely sharp, it’s not sweet, and it’s not smokey. It’s just… cheese. All the texture is there of a really nice cheese, there’s just no taste to it. This is doubly confusing because it’s got a bit of a stink to it. You would really expect a cheese this stinky to have at least some flavor, but it’s just not there.

So, do we like it? Yes. We do. The texture and hardness of it are so nice to chew on that you really don’t care that there’s no huge flavor with it. Heck, slap it on a cracker and enjoy the cracker’s flavor. It’s a little on the spendy side, but I can see us buying it for ourselves in the future. It won’t be an “everyday” cheese, but it will make an appearance.

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  • Merry Christmas to you both! Although I guess it’s officially over for you guys now, isn’t it? Darn time difference…hope you had fun.

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