Washington D.C. – Day 4

On day 4, we did a bunch of important stuff.  First we had breakfast.  Crab cakes again, on top of an English muffin, topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce, accompanied by a bloody Mary.  Ben’s other sister Devi (like Davey), her husband Andy, and Andy’s mom brought the stuff for the bloody Marys.  The glasses were rimmed with Old Bay, which seems to be the official seasoning of Maryland.  It’s red, so it looks nice.  It’s also what we used to season the crabs.

With breakfast over with, the four of us went downtown to see some stuff and hopefully score free tickets to a Shakespeare play.  Turns out you can only get tickets for the next showing so we changed our schedule around a bit and saw the play before our other sightseeing.  All’s Well That Ends Well has quite a few funny moments, but the central plot is weird and I can see why it’s one of Shakespeare’s less popular plays.  Part of the weirdness is probably a result of the time period during which it was written.  Mostly, the “hero” of the play seems to have no redeeming qualities and the heroine also makes some questionable decisions.  But it ends well I guess?  So… yeah.

After that we had to see some stuff.  That shadow in the upper right is my finger.

Will is very excited about the Washington Monument.

This is the WWII memorial.  The water is kept extremely clean.  The Lincoln Memorial is very small in the background.  The columns on the right extend nearly to where I’m standing.  There are a bunch on the left too out of frame.  The have the states written on them.

The reflection pool is doing its thing.

And the boys are doing their thing.

Us girls are normal; just chilling out and taking pictures.  Will’s trying to look innocent.

And there’s President Lincoln doing his thing.

This is probably the thing I most wanted to see although I’m not sure why.  The engraving up top reads, “IN THIS TEMPLE AS IN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE FOR WHOM HE SAVED THE UNION THE MEMORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN IS ENSHRINED FOREVER.”  Lincoln seems to have attained some kind of mythical status what with being very tall, being a war-time president, haunting the White House, and hunting vampires.  Also, this:

Now we were hungry, so we went to some place called Tonic, where they had a bunch of comfort foods.  We got tater tots as an appetizer.  I considered the meat loaf, but settled on the bacon and tomato mac and cheese.  It was awesome.  Next we walked back to the car in the rain.  Luckily we were all satisfied on the hunger front.  When we got back it was bedtime.


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  • I love hollandaise sauce!

    lol, Will was totally mimicking that guy at the reflection pool off to the left. Was that guy standing like that the whole time?

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