Washington D.C. – Day 3

Day 3 was Saturday.  Will, Ben, and I went to Baltimore to look at a townhouse for some guy Ben and Will knew at NDSU.  We had brunch which was uneventful and we stopped at a game store.  We were looking for Cards Against Humanity, which is like Apples to Apples, but cruder and more offensive.  We didn’t find it because it’s not available wholesale.  The people who make it only sell it through Amazon.

Instead we gotMunchkin Cthulhu. I think that afternoon, we watched more Colbert and Daily Show and then I took a nap.  For supper, we ate crab cakes made with our leftover crab meat along with other leftovers and steak.  It was awesome.  Also, we had more beer.  Of course we had to play Munchkin.  It’s a card game where you fight monsters and get treasure.  It’s pretty fun after you learn all the rules.

After Munchkin it was bedtime.  We didn’t take any pictures that day, which makes the blogging easier, but might not be as exciting for the reader.  Like a book with no pictures right?

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  • I’ve played Cards Against Humanity. It was horribly entertaining. Also, you can find that game online for free (complete with instructions) you just have to print the cards out on card stock. We printed the cards on two different colored paper…I forget the reasoning behind it because a lot has happened since I last played in America.

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