Going Down

Two things to note. First, people use elevators weird here. On more than one occasion we’ve had someone get on the elevator to go up or down one floor. Really? Just… really? I guess it’s just something that’s done here. Or we live with jerks. Either way, it’s weird.

Second, and this is the important one, we finally got a little snow today! And by “a little” I mean a few flecks that immediately melted. So we don’t have standing snow, but it was in the air for a while this afternoon. I guess southern Austria got a lot more and it was causing some problems… like massive traffic accidents.


  • Also, the stairs are right there.

    It’s still snowing and is now actually accumulating in the grass and on top of parked cars.

  • You can probably notice that same elevator thing here in any major office building.

    General statement: Humans are those of habit and laziness.

    I’ve used the elevator to go down one floor to the break room…for fun mainly.

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