I had a meeting with a student today and she told me about homeopathy.  Basically, different plant, animal, and mineral essences can treat different ailments.  Not just diseases, but also psychological problems, such as fear of spiders.  So the doctor takes the required essence and adds water.  Then they put it in a certain apparatus that shakes the water and essence.  The dilution and shaking exponentially increases the power of the essence in the water.  The resulting liquid is dripped onto sugar capsules that are taken by the patient.

Of course, you must have a very good doctor who is able to choose the right essence for what ails you.  If  they don’t choose the right essence, it won’t work.  She also told me that the problem usually gets worse before it gets better.  You must also rest and wait for the remedy to work.  Additionally, most ailments have underlying causes that are often held deep inside the soul.  These ailments take much longer to cure, years even.  Fears are an example of this type of ailment.  The body is a whole system, so before the doctor chooses your remedy, he will ask many questions about your whole life so that he can really get at the root cause.

Another great thing about homeopathy is that it has no side effects, but of course, mainstream medical communities will never admit that it works.

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  • Also, (I’m not sure why MJ didn’t mention this) cancer is caused by you not being able to deal with some big trauma in your life. The type of trauma determines where the cancer hits.

    Of course if you can deal with the trauma, you don’t get cancer.

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