Washington D.C. – Day 2

The next day the boys went out to Ben’s office to work on some stuff.  Jaci and I went downtown to do some stuff.  I found a sleep mask at Whole Foods.  Here’s a TMI: My cycles are a bit irregular and I read on that Internet doodad that I can try to get them to even out and sync up with the phases of the moon using light.  So during the full and gibbous moon, I sleep with a night light and otherwise I wear a sleep mask.  I’m not usually into such hokey, new age stuff but I figure it can’t hurt.

Then Jaci and I went to lunch.  We went to a place called Busboys and Poets, which I think she said has to do with Langston Hughes, who worked as a busboy.  I had a gigantic chicken salad sandwich and she had gazpacho.  Then we went to get her a flu shot.

After that we went home to wait for the boys.  They finally got back with a cooler full of live crabs in tow.  Oh yes.  I was not there, but here are some pictures from the shopping:

Here’s what Will had to say about picking up the crabs, “Smelled like fish.”

One of Ben’s business partners came over with his wife.  His name was Jesse; I think his wife was named Sarah.  Ben’s sister Bethany was there with her boyfriend, Tony?  We boiled the crabs in a big metal pot on this sort of outdoor gas set up.  Then we ate them.  We stupidly didn’t take any pictures of the actual eating.  Sadface.  It’s kind of a pain to get the meat out of the buggers and there were a lot of them.  We spent most of the evening cracking these things in two and pounding on their claws with wooden mallets.  The shells are sharp too so you get a bunch of tiny little cuts and then the salty seasoning gets in them.  It was quite an experience.

And I was tired.  It was pretty hot out there and I had a belly full of crab meat and beer.  Mostly beer.  We all finally cleaned up our big mess of crab carcasses and then we went straight to bed.

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  • I love the taste of crab meat…but it is a bit to work-inducing to enjoy a meal of cooked crab with the meat still covered by the exoskeleton. Those little cuts are not so much fun either. I bet that was an experience for Will in the fish market…then again…you guys must have fish markets in Seattle too, eh?

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