So, we saw some interesting signs while we were out and about today.

Hold Hands

Don't Hold Hands

The two signs are back to back.  So on one side you’re allowed to hold hands and on the other side you’re not?  No that’s not true; they’re actually just suggestions.  We thought it would be fun to grab a policeman and get a picture of him scolding us for holding hands next to the sign.  Maybe if we wait around there long enough, some police officers will come by.

Also, if you’ve already checked out the post about the Christmas market and there weren’t any pictures, look again.  Will added some.


  • Did someone graffiti that sign or is that sign actually that contradicting?

  • Nope, actual sign. They look like “do” and “do not”, but it’s actually “suggested” and “end suggested”.

    It’s quite strange.

  • it is a pedestrian crossing sign looks like you can only go “1-way” or is it REALLY about “holding hands” I think not

  • Eltern V. wrote:

    I think this sign has to do with the last blog post from the playground. The sign means “hold the kid’s hand” because the sidewalk narrows and she might jump out into the street. The other side of the sign means “Ok, you can let the kid’s hand go now” because the sidewalk is wider and farther away from the street and you can keep her under control………..probably……right?

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